Feb 28, 2017

NAGE Fort Leonard Wood Council Hosts Enrollment Event

The NAGE Fort Leonard Wood Council, United Benefits, and national staff conducted an open enrollment event for NAGE members located on and around Fort Leonard Wood in Saint Robert, Missouri.

Over 100 NAGE members attended the event where they learned about the importance of the union and the benefits of joining. Members were able to engage with local officers, fellow members, and NAGE/ IBPO staff. Many bargaining unit employees joined the union after being educated about the union and seeing the comradery between the local officials and the members. Representatives from United Benefits were also present to discuss additional benefits and insurance available to NAGE members.

Municipal Director/ Federal Deputy Director Lee Blackmon was also in attendance, she said, “We are so pleased to provide benefits and services to our hard working and dedicated members on Fort Leonard Wood.” She continued by saying, “Our members here are some of the most active and passionate members in the entire division. I think I speak for everyone involved when I say we are proud of what we have accomplished here.”

NAGE plans to continue its organizing and benefit efforts in the coming future. It is our goal to expand our recruitment and benefits program to as many locals as possible.

If your local is interested in hosting an event or has any questions regarding additional benefits for NAGE/IBPO members, please contact Ethan West, National Representative, at ewest@nage.org or 703-519-0300.

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NAGE Local R14-139 and Fort Leonard Wood Council President Robert Richards (fourth from left) joined with local leadership and NAGE and United Benefits staff at the St. Robert Community Center near Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 
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