Jul 07, 2015

NAGE Demands to Bargain over DOR’s Proposed Reorganization

NAGE is demanding to bargain over a proposal to reorganize the Department of Revenue.

After requesting a meeting in March, NAGE state presidents Theresa McGoldrick and John Mann and vice president Bobbi Kaplan finally met for the first time with DOR Commissioner Mark Nunnelly on June 16th. At the meeting, the commissioner stated that DOR would lose approximately 300 staff to the ERIP and that he would be making a reorganization proposal. The details were not provided to the union at the meeting, but the commissioner stated there would be a memo sent to staff. NAGE leaders requested that they be provided advance notification of the memo. However, on June 24th, NAGE leaders received the memo at the same time it was sent to NAGE members employed at DOR. [See DOR Commissioner’s memo here.]

NAGE leaders demanded to bargain and requested information regarding the DOR commissioner's memo and proposal to reorganize. The demand details NAGE's concerns for its members and demands information in order to learn of any negative impacts or consequences as a result of the proposal, such as increased workloads. [Please see the demand here.]

NAGE will be updating you with our progress on this important matter as the situation develops. If you have information or questions about the DOR proposed reorganization, please contact Unit 6 Local 207 President Theresa McGoldrick at tmcgoldrick@nage.org or Executive Vice President Bobbi Kaplan at bkaplan@nage.org if you are a Unit 6 member and Unit 1 President John Mann at jmann@nage.org if you are a Unit 1 member. Thank you.

Theresa McGoldrick
John Mann

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