May 11, 2017

NAGE Charities Hosts Ice Cream Social for D.C. Schools

On May 3rd and May 4th, 2017, NAGE Charities and members from the Metropolitan Police Department (R3-05), Office of Unified Communications (R3-07), DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management (R3-08), and the Department of Forensic Sciences (R3-09), hosted an ice cream social at four D.C. schools to encourage the students during testing week and to thank teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Students and staff enjoyed delicious ice cream and other treats provided by Big D’s Pony Rides. Students also received a gift bag courtesy of NAGE Charities.

“This is NAGE’s way of saying great job and keep up the good work,” said David J. Holway, NAGE National President, who was in attendance. “I think it is important for students’ hard work to be recognized and celebrated. Doing so will enable and encourage them to reach their highest potential,” he said. “Our country depends on the next generation and NAGE supports a strong public education for our future leaders,” stated Holway.

The union is no stranger to supporting quality education for children. NAGE regularly participates in charity and community service work across the country. Last year, NAGE Charities donated hundreds of backpacks to students in Quincy, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia and is now expanding their charitable acts in the nation’s capital. 

NAGE would like to thank the students and staff at Langdon Elementary School, Moten Elementary School, Noyes Elementary School, and Payne Elementary School for allowing us to host this events.

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