May 25, 2018

NAGE Attorney Saves a Life

The morning of Thursday, May 24, 2018, began routine for Sandra Michaels, Lead Counsel for NAGE’s Right-to-Work Division. During her commute to work, Michaels stopped to pick up her dry cleaning as she is known to do from time to time. That’s when her swift, lifesaving actions turned a routine work day into an experience she will never forget.

While entering the dry cleaners, Sandra noticed a young man sitting behind the wheel of his parked car with the engine running. “I thought he was listening to music with his eyes closed,” said Michaels. However, when leaving the business and seeing the man had not moved an inch and the vehicle was still running, Michaels went into action. “I thought he had asphyxiated himself,” Michaels said. “I am not sure what I was thinking except I was not walking away.”

Michaels immediately tried to get the young man’s attention by pounding on the hood of his car, but the man did not appear responsive. Michaels acted fast and found help in a pharmacy next door. The young man was pulled from his vehicle and a pharmacist began performing CPR, while emergency services were on the way. The young man was soon treated for an overdose and began breathing again.

“An officer on scene was a member of the IBPO,” said Michaels. She asked that her union brother keep her informed on the progress of the patient once he reached the hospital.  An hour later, she received a phone call from the IBPO officer.

“I visited the young man, aged 21, in the hospital. He and I both cried and waited for his parents to come. I just hope he is able to overcome his struggles,” said Michaels.

There is no doubt that Michaels’ swift action and willingness to get involved helped saved the young man’s life.  In a world that tends to be cynical, we are very proud that there are good people like Michaels in our NAGE family who are not afraid to get involved to help someone in need.  We are also proud and grateful for our IBPO police officer who was on the scene to assist. Incidents like this remind us of the critical role of our nation’s emergency service professionals.

“This incident has only increased my respect and admiration for our first responders, many of whom are our members,” said Michaels.
Please join us in recognizing Sandra Michaels and our first responders for their quick, lifesaving actions and willingness to get involved.

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