Apr 16, 2015

Members of Local R7-77 of Thistledown Racino Ratify New Contract

Congratulations to the EMS professionals of Thistledown Racino in Cleveland, Ohio who recently ratified their first contract agreement. After almost eleven months of vigorous negotiations, these members worked diligently with the IAEP to gain the best contract possible to improve their career as EMS professionals. 
“These employees are excited to begin making the Thistledown Racino a better and more promising place to start their career with the IAEP representing them,” said IAEP National Director Phil Petit. “Thistledown is already a unique working environment with a casino and horse racing downs under one roof. The IAEP will now represent the EMT’s and paramedics who protect the thousands of guests that come through the racino daily.”
With the agreement settled on, members voted for a $300 sign on bonus and six percent raises over the life of the contract. Members also fought for better working conditions and benefits, as well as shift swap language which is also included in the contract. Local R7-77 President Jeff Hagen is excited to have a safer work environment and secure pay raises for the next three years.
“We are proud to have a relationship with the President of Worker’s United L10, Mark Milko, who will continue to work with us to make Ohio Labor a promising venture,” said IAEP Representative Ken Skaggs. “Milko has provided a great deal of support and will continue to help the local grow under the guidance of a Workers United and IAEP partnership.”
Congratulations again to these members on gaining a contract where they will benefit significantly and we look forward to working with you in the future. 

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