Aug 27, 2014

Members of Local R5-247 PPlus Pinellas County FL Ratify New Contract

The members of Local R5-247, EMS professionals with Paramedics Plus of Pinellas County Florida, recently ratified a new contract agreement. Congratulations to these members for working with our union to gain a better contract and improve their career.

The new agreement, comprising of significant financial gains, states that employees will gain 14-21% wage increases over the three year period, depending on where their wages sit on the pay scale. Also, each year the beginning and Cap Out pay will increase and there will be extra hours for holiday pay. Employees can now cash out PTO twice a year as opposed to once a year and an AFLAC insurance option will be added. Management must also provide to the union discharge notification within seven days, so there is enough knowledge and time to grieve as needed.

“The IAEP would like to thank the bargaining committee for their time and hard work put into creating the best contract possible for the EMS professionals with Paramedics Plus of Pinellas County Florida,” said IAEP National Representative Ken Skaggs. “We are proud to have negotiated a contract where our members benefit significantly and I am looking forward to officer elections.”

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What is a contract, Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA? A union contract is known as a Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA.  It is a legal document that contains provisions that define workers wages, benefits, and working conditions. Contracts are the result of bargaining between the union and the employer beginning with the union's initial proposal and followed by negotiations on items that affect the job. Meetings, discussions, and survey results may be used by the union to find out what issues are important to the workers. After a majority of voting employees approve their contract language it then goes into effect. There are many things that can and do get negotiated into contracts; they are tailored for each industry, shop, factory, store, etc.  Most contracts are about 25-30 pages long, yet fairly easy to understand. They usually last between 3 and 5 years.

IAEP negotiates contracts for IAEP members using member-led contract negotiation teams and professional Contract Negotiators, Labor Attorneys, and Support staff.  IAEP contracts are industry leading and set standards for the EMS industry.
Members of Local R5-247 Ratify New Contract
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