Nov 21, 2014

Managers Reclassified into NAGE

Several hundred state employees now considered managers will be reclassified as members of NAGE Bargaining Unit 6 in December after a systemic classification review by the Commonwealth.
The Executive Office for Administration and Finance and the Human Resources Division conducted a review of management positions from level M-I to level M-V within Executive Branch agencies. EOAF and HRD had been working with NAGE since late 2013 to determine if managers were properly classified. Reviewers concluded that many people holding management positions were more appropriately classified as bargaining unit members. NAGE has been asking for the review for almost eight years.
Employees impacted by this reclassification will be notified by mail. Agencies will schedule meetings with affected employees to explain the reclassification process, and NAGE will hold meetings with employees to provide information about union membership and answer questions.
How the reclassification works
Managers whose positions have been reclassified into Bargaining Unit 6 will be covered by the NAGE collective bargaining agreement as of December 14, 2014. Except as noted below, their salaries will remain the same.
Reclassified employees were evaluated based on current job functions and salaries. They were then moved into the corresponding NAGE job grade and step that afforded them at least a 1.5% increase in salary. Employees’ general job duties will remain the same, though they may have new titles based on the existing titles in Unit 6 that best aligned with their existing duties. Employees for whom there was no corresponding Unit 6 job title will be placed into the newly established “Administrator” career series. Converted managers will receive all pay raises provided for in the 2014- 2017 collective bargaining agreement for Unit 6.

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