Apr 11, 2017

MA House Ways and Means Budget Released

On Monday, April 10, 2017, The House Ways and Means Committee released its FY 2018 Budget proposal.  We are pleased to report that the House proposal once again holds the line on health insurance premiums for public employees by maintaining the current rate structure.

Additionally, the House included funding for the Quarter point provision of our collective bargaining agreements which is utilized to pay for training and other job related benefits outlined under the provision.  Last year, this funding was delivered through a supplemental budget.  We are pleased that the House has included this money in the general appropriations bill after meeting with NAGE National President David Holway and members of NAGE’s legislative team.

The House Budget does not include the sick leave cap proposal that was included in the Governor’s budget back in January.  You may recall, the Governor attempted to cap sick time for state employees at 1000 hours through legislation, as well as the budget, over the past two years.  NAGE has continued to advocate against this change and has called for this issue to be dealt with at the bargaining table where it belongs.

NAGE leaders and staff will continue to review the budget in the coming days.  The budget can be accessed using the following link https://malegislature.gov/Budget/FY2018/HouseWaysMeansBudget/Ways_Means_Final_Budget

If you have any concerns related to the budget, please don’t hesitate to contact your local president.  We will continue to post updates as the budget process continues.  The House is scheduled to debate the proposal beginning on April 24th.

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