Jan 27, 2016

Important Update for APOs

The following is a joint statement from Trial Court management and NAGE:
A Memorandum of Agreement was signed on January 21, 2016 by the Office of Court Management, Office of the Commissioner of Probation and NAGE, Local 229, following a year long collaboration regarding the job description of Associate Probation Officers.  The Agreement recognizes the important role of APOs in the probation department, the mandate to provide clear and consistent job responsibilities state wide, and through the expanded duties, enhances public safety by providing further assistance to Probation Officers who are now more available to do their essential tasks.  The Agreement also allows a one time rebalancing of APO allocation which permits the transfer, either voluntarily or involuntarily, of APOs from Courts that have been designated as having  more than sufficient numbers to Courts that have a critical need.  Along with the rebalancing a posting will occur for new Associate Probation Officer positions.  Recognizing the expansion in job responsibilities for Associate Probation Officers, the negotiated reclassification resulted in APOs receiving a 5% increase in pay across the board effective March 6, 2016.  Training for APOs in their expanded duties will be provided.  The signed agreement is attached as well as the new job description.  We look forward to the implementation of this Agreement for our mutual and long term best interests. 

Click Here to read the ​Memorandum of Agreement

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