Apr 21, 2017

Illinois IAEP Members Save One Of Their Own

People in Lincolnwood, Illinois know they can count on their EMTs and paramedics at the Lincolnwood Fire Department to help them during medical emergencies. That’s great news for one of the firefighter/EMTs, who had a heart attack while at his station.
According to local press reports, longtime firefighter and EMT Tim Breslin was on call at Engine 15 last year. He had already responded to calls that day, but took a break when he wasn’t feeling well. When his fellow crew members checked in on him, they discovered Tim pale, sweaty, and complaining of abdominal pain. His fellow IAEP Local R7-211 members knew those were signs of trouble, so they transported him to the local hospital where they have performed their training since 1977.
It was a good thing they did. Tim was admitted into the ER, where doctors discovered he was having a heart attack. Doctors rushed Tim into surgery and cleared a 90% blockage in his left coronary artery. Tim made it through surgery in great shape and suffered almost no cardiac damage.
This year, Tim is back on the job. The firefighter, EMT, and arson investigator says he takes extra care to protect his health. What does he think of his crew members in Local R7-211? “Without my crew, who knows what would have happened. I really have them to thank for my life.”

To read the original post on Patch.com click here.

Photo credited to Presence Saint Francis Hospital.


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IAEP Local R7-211 Member Tim Breslin. (Photo via Presence Saint Francis Hospital.)

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