Aug 27, 2014

IAEP locals support child safety on vapor nicotine products!

Poisonings and overdoses are just part of the job for EMS.  And as any EMS Professional will tell you that child overdoses are far too common.  That’s why some Connecticut based IAEP locals are supporting new federal legislation (S. 2881 (2014)) aimed to require child safety methods for storage containers on vapor and liquid nicotine products. 

Vapor or E-cigarette devices are becoming very popular among smokers.  Many of those devices require a liquid form of nicotine to be used.  However there is no standard packaging for vials and containers of liquid nicotine.  Children, especially young children are at high risk of overdose because the containers of liquid nicotine generally do not have child safety caps, locks, or devices.  Potentially toxic exposures from e-cigarette devices and liquid nicotine have risen nearly eight-fold, from 271 in 2011 to 2,313 so far this year, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. 

“Manufacturers of liquid nicotine should follow the lead of aspirin and drain cleaners, which are packaged in child-resistant bottles” Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) Connecticut said regarding the legislation. “This kind of public health measure makes perfect common sense.”

On behalf of Connecticut IAEP locals, IAEP has placed this item in the  IAEP Member Action Center so that members and other IAEP locals can learn and take action on this important issue.  As EMS providers, you are on the front lines of this issue and your input can help shape this issue as it progresses through the legislative process.  Go to the
 IAEP Member Action Center for more information.

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What is the IAEP Member Action Center? The IAEP Member Action Center is a place where IAEP members can take action on issues that have a direct effect on their wages, benefits, and working conditions as well as the world around them.  It can be found here:   IAEP Member Action Center
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