Jan 21, 2016

IAEP Welcomes New Members from Forest Park, IL

Forest Park, IL - The EMS professionals for Paramedic Services of Illinois (PSI), Forest Park division voted to join the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP) on January 15, 2016. The decision to join the IAEP won the vote with an impressive 90% margin. These workers are seeking to improve their wages, benefits and working conditions.
National Representative Nate Morrish-Smith, a paramedic and organizer for the IAEP, noted that when he was first contacted by the Forest Park EMS professionals he was “shocked to the core” when hearing of the low wages and mistreatment these workers had endured.
Morrish-Smith noted, "They were changing policies left and right and you never knew if you might get fired when you came into work. It was intolerable to these hard working heroes and they deserve better".
IAEP National Director Phil Petit said that "With this vote, these EMS professionals can breathe easy now. We are sending our newest members EMS-specialized lawyers, negotiators, and national representatives to put an immediate stop to how the company has treated them. They will begin the process of negotiating for improved wages, benefits and treatment of these hard working every day heroes!"
The union strives to work hard throughout the negotiations process to get these EMS professionals the fair pay and treatment that they deserve.

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New members from Forest Park EMS
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