Apr 19, 2018

Help Increase Labor Seats on the GIC!

Take action today to strengthen your voice at the GIC!

Call your State Rep and tell them to support Budget Ammendment #379

The Massachusetts House of Representative will begin debate on the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget proposal on Monday, April 23, 2018. 

NAGE continues to advocate for legislative changes at the GIC to both increase our collective voice at the table and to ease the burden of ever increasing healthcare costs. As part of our effort, NAGE, along with several other public-sector unions has filed an amendment to increase the number of labor seats on the GIC from 5 to 7, and provide unions with direct appointment authority.  Additionally, the amendment would mandate hearings prior to impactful decisions.

Please take a moment to contact your state representative today and ask them to co-sponsor and support Amendment #379, which was filed by Rep Dan Cullinane.  Passage of Amendment #379 would greatly help to level the playing field at the GIC, and provide us with an opportunity to have a greater impact on decision at the Commission.

To Find out who your Rep is, please visit www.wheredoivoteMA.com 
The number for the MA State House is 617-722-2000.  


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