May 24, 2017

Happy National EMS Week 2017

National EMS Week 2017 - Always in Service

May 21-27, we are proud to join our nation in saluting you during National EMS Week. We’re just as proud to have your back the other 51 weeks a year.
“The critical work done by EMS professionals to keep our communities safe deserves recognition and thanks,” said NAGE National President David J. Holway. “Unfortunately, their jobs come with little thanks, so we encourage everyone to join us in honoring them this week.”
NAGE and IAEP union leaders are ensuring their locals are celebrated this week by organizing pizza drop-offs, BBQs, and fundraisers. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see celebration details and photos. Union members can submit their EMS Week photos by emailing or sending us a message on Facebook!
Celebrate the 5 days of EMS Week
Monday: Education Day
Today, celebrate EMS Week by educating your community on how they can prevent illness and injury.
Tuesday: Safety Day
We encourage first responders to focus on identifying and preventing risks in their workplace today.
Wednesday: EMS for Children Day
Today is meant to raise awareness about improving specialized care for children in prehospital settings.
Thursday: Save-a-Life Day
Save-A-Life Day empowers the general public to learn and apply the simple steps that can be taken to help save a life.
Friday: EMS Recognition Day
Today, we urge the general public to celebrate the EMS heroes in their communities, those people who regularly go above and beyond the call-of-duty with little thanks. 
How the union is celebrating across the country…

IAEP members in New Haven, Connecticut celebrated with a full luncheon cookout at headquarters. EMS professionals enjoyed a visit from both an ice cream truck and a cupcake truck.

Union members in Gary, Indiana are holding their own BBQ to celebrate National EMS Week.

On the West Coast, members of NAGE EMS Local 510 received gym bags, pens, badge holders, and power packs. Union leaders in California are also delivering pizza to some of our west coast locals.

In Florida, IAEP members in Orlando are celebrating with a breakfast, and a BBQ is being held by members in Sumter County. Local President Stew Eubanks raised $520 from t-shirt sales, which members get to wear during EMS Week and has teamed up with manager Christine Kennedy to hold a family fun day BBQ with live music, karaoke, games, and a pie-in-the-face fundraiser, which allows members to pie their favorite elected union leader. In addition the union is handing out 30 oz. arctic tumblers to all dues-paying members, and actually grew their union membership during the festivities.

Image Gallery (Click to enlarge images)
Local 510 members received the portable charger pictured here, along with gym bags, pens, and badge holders.

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