May 15, 2018

Happy National EMS Week!

National EMS Week 2018 – Stronger Together

May 20-26, we are proud to join our nation in saluting you during National EMS Week. We’re just as proud to have your back the other 51 weeks a year.
“The critical work done by EMS professionals to keep our communities safe deserves recognition and thanks,” said NAGE National President David J. Holway. “Unfortunately, their jobs come with little thanks, so we encourage everyone to join us in honoring them this week.”

This year’s theme – Stronger Together – reflects on the willingness of all EMS professionals to collaborate and work together to improve the lives of others. We also see the extraordinary results of EMS professionals working together to raise the standard for EMS in our union.

Whether a local is working to ratify a new contract, supporting union brothers and sisters at a picket, or organizing a fundraiser for a member in need with the aid of NAGE Charities, we see what you can achieve by standing in solidarity.
Union members: submit your National EMS Week photos and celebration stories via email at or by sending us a message at either or
Celebrate the 5 days of EMS Week
Monday: Education Day
Today, celebrate EMS Week by educating your community on how they can prevent illness and injury.
Tuesday: Safety Day
We encourage first responders to focus on identifying and preventing risks in their workplace today.
Wednesday: EMS for Children Day
Today is meant to raise awareness about improving specialized care for children in prehospital settings.
Thursday: Save-a-Life Day
Save-A-Life Day empowers the general public to learn and apply the simple steps that can be taken to help save a life.
Friday: EMS Recognition Day
Today, we urge the general public to celebrate the EMS heroes in their communities, those people who regularly go above and beyond the call-of-duty with little thanks.

How the IAEP and NAGE EMS are celebrating across the nation:

IAEP Local 95 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and IAEP Local 20 in Yonkers, New York, celebrated earlier this month by participating in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, a long-distance ride to honor fallen or injured EMS heroes organized by the Muddy Angels. Read more about the ride here.

IAEP Local 684 in Stamford, CT is celebrating EMS week by treating their providers to a free meal from a local restaurant while they are on shift.  The Local is also presenting their members with appreciation gifts of a Local 684 pullover, tumbler and more! 

IAEP Local 701 in Bristol, CT will be showing their EMS pride by wearing their Local 701 shirts while on duty.  The vehicles of the fleet will also be sporting IAEP Local 701 pride by displaying the Locals' logo all week.  On Tuesday, the Local Board is providing pizza for all members across the three shifts.  The rest of the week will see potlucks on each shift and the local is planning to distribute goodie bags with Local swag to each member.  


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