Mar 02, 2015

Governor Filing Early Retirement Legislation

As you may be aware, the Baker administration announced a proposed early retirement incentive to help address budget shortfalls, see this piece in the March 2, 2015 Boston Globe.

We are happy that the administration is honoring the work of long-term employees and looking for a humane answer to the deficit problem. The proposed legislation, if passed, will save the jobs of more recent hires and hopefully avoid involuntary layoffs.  However, we are naturally concerned about the loss of institutional knowledge that will be leaving state service, especially in some agencies, such as Health and Human Services, the Department of Revenue, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles that are already understaffed.  We will be closely following this legislation and the governor's budget proposal due out this week and will update you on any news and information.

Theresa McGoldrick
National Executive Vice President
John Mann
Unit 1 and MA DOT Unit A President
Leo Munroe
Unit 3 and MassDOT Unit C President
Greg Sorozan
Unit 6, Local 282 President
Steven Douglas
Unit 6, Local 308 President
Chris Grey
MA DOT Unit D Local 368 President

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Governor Baker will file legislation this week aimed at encouraging thousands of state workers to seek early retirement. (Photo: Pat Greenhouse, Boston Globe.)
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