Nov 03, 2014

Gov. Patrick Signs Supplemental Budget - Provides Funding for NAGE Contracts

The Massachusetts House of Representatives and State Senate voted on October 31, 2014 to pass legislation that will give more than 12,000 NAGE members in Units 1, 3, and 6, MassDOT a series of 3% raises over the next 18 months. On Monday, November 03, 2014 Governor Patrick signed that legislation into law.
“Our members work hard, day in and day out, to do the work of keeping Massachusetts running,” said David J. Holway, NAGE national president.  “This contract provides them with the security they’ve earned, for themselves and their families.”
Funding for the NAGE contract was part of a comprehensive supplemental budget for FY2014. Although legislators had agreed on funding the NAGE contract, disagreements on other, unrelated provisions in the comprehensive bill delayed its passage past the end of the formal legislative session on July 31. In recent weeks, the House and Senate had passed different versions of the bill. They finally reached agreement on a compromise version, which passed October 31, 2014. Governor Patrick signed the legislation into law only three days after it arrived on his desk.
Click Here for the MOU for Units 1, 3 & 6
John Mann, president, Local 292 and MassDOT A: “The guaranteed minimum increases in this contract will make an enormous difference to many of my members and their families. I’m pleased for them that legislators finally passed the bill.”
Leo Munroe, president, Local 219 and MassDOT C: “It certainly took them a while, but they did the right thing on Beacon Hill. Now our members are closer to getting things that will make a real difference for them, like better wages and licensure reimbursement.”
Theresa McGoldrick, president, Local 207: “Our members work incredibly hard performing vital public work, and most of them never get recognized. I’m grateful that our political department kept working with the legislature to make sure this contract got funded.”
Greg Sorozan, president, Local 282: “A lot of my members are TPL employees who will get regularly scheduled raises for the first time under this contract. The delay was frustrating, but the outcome is definitely welcome.”
Steven Douglas, president, Local 308: “Some things in our contract that may seem ‘incidental’ actually add up, like the cost of professional licenses for some of our members. Hats off to our legislative team for making sure that bill was passed, because those ‘incidental’ things are important to the people who need them.”
Chris Grey, president, Local 369/MassDOT D: “Thank goodness that bill is done. This contract goes a long way to restore fairness for a lot of people, from the guaranteed minimum raises to the TPL raises. It’s important if we’re going to get and keep good people working for the Commonwealth.”

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