Jan 21, 2015

First Raises of New Contract in January - Paychecks

NAGE members who work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Units 1, 3, 6 and MassDOT will see the first pay raise of the new contract in the paychecks issued January 30, 2015. The raises go into effect as of Sunday, January 11, 2015.
The raise will reflect a three percent increase for ALL NAGE members with a minimum increase of no less than $1,700.00 annualized. The guaranteed minimum raise of $1,700 per year will work out to as much as six percent.
If you don’t see the increase in your January 30, 2015 paycheck, or if you have any other questions, please contact your local president:
        Unit 1 Local 292                 John Mann - 617-376-7230 - jmann@nage.org
        Unit 3 Local 219                 Leo Munroe - 617-376-7292 - lmunroe@nage.org
        Unit 6 Local 207                 Theresa McGoldrick - 617-376-7287 - tmcgoldrick@nage.org
        Unit 6 Local 282                 Greg Sorozan 617-376-7232 - gsorozan@nage.org
        Unit 6 Local 308                 Steven Douglas 617-376-7267 - sdouglas@nage.org
        MassDOT Unit A               John Mann 617-376-7230 - jmann@nage.org
        MassDOT Unit C               Leo Munroe 617-376-7292 -  lmunroe@nage.org
        MassDOT Unit D               Chris Grey 617-376-7281 - cgrey@nage.org

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