May 17, 2021

EMS Week 2021 - Monday Honoree - IAEP Local 370

In the long twelve months since EMS Week 2020, IAEP and NAGE EMS locals have run a gauntlet of adverse challenges. From the ongoing pandemic response to clashes with the corporate EMS world at the bargaining table, there is no end to the efforts worthy of praise from every local.

Throughout this week we will be turning the spotlight on a new local each day that has been nominated by their national representative for their outstanding character and hard work to move EMS forward.
Today, we honor IAEP Local 370 of Los Angeles and Orange County California.
Nominated by National Representative Shelly Hudelson, Local 370’s path to becoming a part of the IAEP has been anything but smooth. Their organizing campaign began just as COVID-19 hit American shores and each day since, they have battled fresh adversities with determination to see things through.

“In almost no time at all Local 370 was able to form a Board, begin representing members, help pursue Unfair Labor Practice charges against their employer, put together a bid they have never done, had fundraisers for their local and much much more. They hit the ground running and have impressed a lot of people with their dedication and professionalism, including me.”
                -Shelly Hudelson, National Rep. IAEP

Local President Ryan Walters and company faced an uphill climb from the beginning. Together with support from every corner of the IAEP universe, they secured representation and recognition for the over 1200 EMS professionals employed by Care A/s.
For this week, this past year and the many years to come we thank them all for fighting alongside us!
Happy EMS Week and welcome to the IAEP family!
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