Jul 07, 2014

EMS Professionals with Elite Ambulance of Chicago Join IAEP Family

On June 12, the EMS professionals with Elite Ambulance of Chicago, Illinois voted in favor of organizing with the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics.  

“This is an important victory for the IAEP and for the EMS professionals that work for Elite,” said IAEP National Director Philip Petit.   “From day one of this campaign management appears to have done anything possible to keep a union out regardless of the effects of their actions.”

Throughout the campaign management’s actions resulted in over a dozen unfair labor practice charges being filed with the NLRB for potentially illegal conduct.   Many union supporters felt they were disciplined and even terminated because they were vocal supporters of the ongoing organizing effort.  

"We have had many sleepless nights fighting against management’s attempts to delegitimize our voices. Many are frightened to speak out, their voices are important too,” said Brandon Perez, paramedic  with Elite Ambulance. “We stood up for what was right throughout this process. We stand together and stand united behind IAEP."

The IAEP continues to work with the NLRB to seek justice for the employees affected during the campaign and will continue to fight on their behalf until resolution can be reached.  We are excited to get to the table and begin improving working conditions for these EMS professionals.  

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Who is the IAEP? The International Association of EMTs and Paramedics or IAEP is a division of NAGE, powered by the same strong representation NAGE offers all NAGE members.  That representation starts locally, on the ground, in your workplace with well-trained shop stewards and union officers.  Professional experienced contract negotiators are used to negotiate contracts, a large and experienced legal staff handle legal matters, hearings, and disputes.  IAEP members benefit from the strong, tested and proven member representation from NAGE.  At the same time, IAEP locals are free to set their own direction, make their own choices, and control their own futures.  This autonomy and national support is the hallmark of what makes IAEP a strong union.
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