Jan 26, 2017

EMS Crews Trek Over Ice Roads to Treat Patients

On January 17, 2017 when EMS crews in Lapeer County, Michigan couldn’t drive to patients due to icy road conditions, the EMS professionals walked instead.
“The back roads in Lapeer were all in horrible condition,” said IAEP National Representative Nate Morrish-Smith, “the Lapeer County Road Commission was out assisting in getting ambulances to patients in need.”  Without enough assistance to meet every single ambulance, some crews were left without a way to reach their calls. The dedicated EMS professionals of Lapeer decided to walk instead.
IAEP Local R7-664 member Ryan Goodyear captured the image below of coworker Sondra Barocio as she made the 1.6 mile trek to reach a patient when the crew’s ambulance was not able to make it down the ice covered road. The crew was dispatched to slip on the ice, which turned out to be a dislocated shoulder.

The next photo shows EMS professionals Brandon Stone and Dwight Ewing walking to a patient who had fallen and had a laceration to the head. The photo was taken by coworker Sarah Pfeifle. 

Thank you, to the dedicated EMS crews in Lapeer County, who ensured their patients were safe regardless of the ice covered roads last week. 

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