Sep 12, 2013

Don't Let the State Change Your Retiree Healthcare Benefits!

The Joint Committee on Public Service is holding a hearing on House Bill 59 on Thursday, October 31st. HB59 could substantially change your retiree healthcare benefits. Please contact your legislators today and tell them to reject the bill. By clicking here you will be directed to our "speak out" campaign that includes an email you can send to your legislators.

IBCO is 100 percent opposed to any changes to current employees' retiree healthcare benefits, and we, our legislative team, and National President David Holway have been making our position clear up at the State House since the moment the proposal was announced. We will also be providing testimony at the hearing.

If you would like to call your legislators instead of sedning an email, dial the State House switchboard at (617) 722-2000 and ask for your rep or senator by name. (Don't know who your legislators are? Go to and enter your street address.)

If you choose to call, here are a few things you might want to mention your phone call:
As a hardworking state employee, I urge you to reject any legislative changes to retiree healthcare benefits for current current employees like myself.

I accepted my position with the Commonwealth based on the salary and benefits package that was provided to me when I was hired. I made a career decision for my future and the future of my family based on that package. To change the rules and take away those benefits is grossly unfair.

I fully understand that the Commonwealth and the country have faced hard economic times and continue to struggle through recovery, but as a public employee, I have stepped up to the plate time and again through pension reform, health insurance reform, and tremendous salary and contract delays and givebacks. As a public employee, I have done more than my fair share.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. - Albert Einstein
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