Jul 16, 2015

DOR Reorganization Update

We are pleased to advise you that we have reached agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue concerning the manner in which we will deal with the effects of the reorganization of the department recently announced by Commissioner Mark Nunnelly.
The agreement is reflected in an exchange of emails between NAGE and the department, the pertinent excerpts of which appear below.
On July 8, we wrote to the DOR:
…Our concern is with how this reorganization will affect the terms and conditions of employment of members of the bargaining unit.  We have to date received no information concerning this.  While we agree with your assertion that the Commissioner has the right to change the management structure, we trust that the Department will agree that we are entitled under the law to receive advance notice of any proposed changes to the terms and conditions of employment of our members and have the opportunity to bargain to agreement or impasse concerning such proposed changes prior to their implementation.  Such items would certainly include, but not be limited to, changes in job duties, reassignments, changes in career ladders and reductions in force.
If this is in fact the employer’s view, we look forward to working with you and other agency representatives to make the reorganization as successful and fair as possible.  If you could let me know that we are on the same page on this, we will be reassured and will await further notifications from you as the agency develops the details of its plan.
On July 8, the DOR responded.
The Department recognizes the potential for employees’ terms and conditions to become impacted as the specifics of the reorganization evolve; however, the number and scope of any such changes remain unknown at this time.  The Department does acknowledge its obligations to engage in impact bargaining as these specifics become known and it is with this goal in mind that we have asked to meet with you to begin to discuss potential future impacts relative to changes in terms and conditions of employment. 
The Department is still gathering the information you requested and I anticipate sending it to you by this Friday, July 10th, the latest.    
Yesterday we received from DOR the information we had requested.  We are awaiting notification from the department of their specific plans that will impact the terms and conditions of employment of our members.  At that point, we will meet with representatives of DOR to discuss the proposed impacts prior to their implementation.   
We look forward to working with the DOR on this and will provide periodic updates here at NAGE.org/state.  

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