Jul 06, 2018

Contract Trigger Met

On July 5, 2018 a high-ranking official from the Baker Administration informed NAGE National President David Holway, “Unofficially the tax revenue trigger contained in the NAGE collective bargaining agreements for units 1, 3, 6 and the Trial Court was met July 1.”  This will entitle members to an additional 1% raise retroactive to the first pay period of July 2017.
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“I am pleased to hear this news, although we do not like to rely upon a revenue trigger when we negotiate raises this will allow for an additional 1% raise retroactive to July 2017 for our hard working members,” said NAGE National President David Holway.
NAGE National Executive Vice President Theresa McGoldrick added, “NAGE members work hard every day to provide the Commonwealth and its citizens with the best public service and I am happy to see that they will get an additional well deserved raise for their efforts.”
“This is great news!  Our members deserve this additional raise and work hard every day for it.”  John Mann, Unit 1, Local 292 President.  “This is well deserved by our members, we are happy to report this,” added Leo Munroe, NAGE Unit 3 President.
Margaret Thompson, President for Trial Court Probation Officers, said, “We worked hard to negotiate this contract and we are happy to see that the trigger was met to provide an even better raise for our members.”
Dori Medeiros, Local President for the Court Officers said, “I was happy to hear this news and happy for my members to get an extra 1% raise retroactive to last July, this will benefit NAGE members and their families.”
The news that the trigger was met is still unofficial as the final numbers and official announcement will likely take place the second week in August and if confirmed the Baker Administration will file a supplemental budget funding request to be passed by the legislature to fund this raise. NAGE wishes to thank the hardworking members of the union who work hard every day, and for whom this raise is well deserved!

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