Jan 25, 2017

Contact your Congressperson to Reverse the Holman Rule

At the beginning of this month, the House of Representatives passed its rules package for the new Congress, which guide the day-to-day proceedings and business of the House. Included in the rules package was a clause traditionally known as the Holman Rule. This clause, first introduced in the late 1800s, and not used since the Reagan era, allows for four major anti-federal employee provisions:
The new rule allows the House to cut all federal agency spending without warning, to cut the number of federal agency employees in any agency at any time, to cut the salary of any federal position, and to conduct all the aforementioned activities without agency input through any appropriations committee, and limits the amount of time our representatives can debate changes on the floor of the House.
Republican leadership claims that this change will allow the House to eliminate wasteful spending and make the government operate more efficiently. That simply is not the case. In 1983, the last time the Holman Rule was instituted, the government agencies affected actually operated less efficiently, defeating the purpose of the rule, which was withdrawn in the next Congress. The Holman Rule is also a threat to the agency missions, delaying services to those who need it most, including our veterans and the elderly, and threatening the well-being and safety of the public as a whole.
“This change is very dangerous, not just for our members, but every single person who values their safety and comfort,” said David J. Holway, NAGE National President. “This rule change is a ticking time-bomb that could affect any and all of our members at a moment’s notice, and is a hazard to the public at-large. We must act swiftly and collectively to stop Paul Ryan’s radical agenda from harming hundreds of thousands of middle-class federal employees, and endangering all Americans.”
It is crucial that this change be reversed, and we need your help to do it. To call your representative in the House, call the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121, and ask to speak to your congressman about the Holman Rule.
Do not call during official duty time, using a government phone, on government property, or using government equipment.

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