Dec 02, 2014

Congratulations to America’s First Cambodian-American Legislator, State Rep. Rady Mom

The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) is proud to congratulate 18th Middlesex House District Representative-Elect Rady Mom on his overwhelming victory on November 4, 2014. Mom, a 45 year old physical therapist, has lived in the United State for over 30 years and is an active member in the Cambodian-American community in Lowell, Massachusetts.

NAGE recognized Mom’s potential as a viable candidate early and supported his campaign shortly after he announced his candidacy. NAGE National Executive Vice President Jim Farley played a key role in identifying Mom as a strong candidate who will work to improve the lives of the working men and women of the 18th Middlesex district. Farley is extremely familiar with Lowell local politics; his father, Leo Farley, was mayor of Lowell in the late 1970’s.

NAGE National President David J. Holway stated, “I want to thank Vice President Farley for bringing Rep. Elect Mom’s candidacy to our attention. Farley’s father also represented Lowell in the state legislature and, for the last 60 years, the seat has been held by a person of Irish decent.”

Rady Mom commented, “NAGE’s financial support and, more importantly their political know-how, was crucial to my being elected. The campaign advice from Jim Redmond, their lobbyist, was invaluable and helped move my campaign forward. I cannot say enough about the support of NAGE—without their help the outcome could have been much different.”

Thomas Clinton, a NAGE representative, also played a key role in Mom’s campaign and worked tirelessly to ensure his victory. Representative-Elect Mom won with 61% of the vote and will be sworn in on January 7, 2014. 

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From let to right: NAGE Representative Tom Clinton, NAGE Legislative Agent Jim Redmond, Representative Elect Rady Mom and NAGE Executive Vice President Jim Farley
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