Jun 20, 2018

Bobbi Kaplan Elected Vice Chair of the Group Insurance Commission

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, by a unanimous vote at the Group Insurance Commission Board, Bobbi Kaplan, Executive Vice President of NAGE Unit 6, Local 207, was elected Vice Chair of the Group Insurance Commission (GIC).  Her election to this position means labor will have a stronger voice for union members at the Commission.  NAGE has long advocated for an equal playing field at the GIC.  Union leaders have been fighting for passage of legislation, most recently in the form of an amendment to the budget language that would allow for additional labor appointed seats to the Commission. 
Currently, NAGE has the greatest number of labor leaders to the GIC. In addition to Bobbi Kaplan's new role as Vice Chair, NAGE Local 229 President Margaret Thompson, representing Trial Court Probation Officers, and Joe Gentile, NAGE/IBPO Local President from the Springfield Police Department, also hold seats on the Commission.  The NAGE Group Insurance Commissioners have stood up against premium, deductible, and other cost increases alongside other labor leaders at the GIC, and have fought and defeated a recent plan to eliminate Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, and Fallon.  However, NAGE still looks to grow labor’s voice at the Commission to benefit union members and protect workers' health insurance.
“This is a great step forward for leadership and labor on the Group Insurance Commission. Bobbi has been a strong voice for our members and will continue to advocate and protect our members' health insurance benefits,” said NAGE National President David J. Holway regarding Kaplan's election as Vice Chair.
Vice Chair Kaplan is humbled by the unanimous election, but excited to get to work in her new role. “I am honored to be elected Vice Chair of the Group Insurance Commission.  I believe there should be a greater labor presence, particularly since the balance of Commissioners is inequitable.  I will work very hard to equalize the balance of the GIC."
Please join us in congratulating Bobbi on her new position and check back for future GIC updates on NAGE.org and Facebook.com/NAGEunion.


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