Jun 19, 2015

Baker Administration Indicates No Layoffs

Following the closing of the early retirement incentive program deadline, Governor Charlie Baker has indicated that the Commonwealth will not need to enact layoffs to reach its budgetary goals.
Governor Baker made the comments after the close of the application period for the ERIP on Friday, June 13. According to press reports, only 2,659 state employees applied for early retirement, far short of the 4,500 the Baker administration had projected. Administration officials, however, said that the relatively high salaries of those choosing early retirement works in favor of reducing the need for layoffs. In addition, there are several other budgetary tools at their disposal, including restrictions on rehiring, that administration officials believe will enable them to address a budget shortfall without resorting to involuntary layoffs.
President Holway and NAGE National Executive Vice President Theresa McGoldrick sent a letter to Administration and Finance Secretary Kristen Lepore requesting a meeting to discuss next steps and the backfilling of positions lost to the ERIP. (Click Here for the letter)

If you would like to learn more on this subject and would like NAGE National President David J. Holway’s statements on the matter please click the link for the Boston Globe article. (Boston Globe)

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