May 24, 2018

2018 Member of the Year

Every day, EMS providers deliver lifesaving care when it matters most. In recognition of National EMS Week, we are honoring an IAEP member who has made special contributions to the EMS community while providing essential care to patients in the communities they serve throughout the year.
The IAEP Member of the Year award recognizes an emergency medical responder who strives for EMS excellence through dedication, commitment, and responsibility to fellow first responders and patients.
On behalf of National Director Phil Petit and the IAEP, we were honored to present the 2018 IAEP Member of the Year Award to Local President Stewart Eubanks.
IAEP Local R5-092 President Stewart Eubanks

Stewart Eubanks, paramedic and IAEP Local R5-092 President in Sumter County, Florida, dedicates most of his time to improving the well-being of those around him. Using his platform as IAEP Local President, Eubanks strives to consistently better the lives of both his union brothers and sisters and the patients within their communities. When he is not spending time as a loving husband and father to two children, Eubanks consistently works to enrich the lives of his EMS family and community members. The IAEP is proud to name Mr. Eubanks our 2018 IAEP Member of the Year.

From Army Medic to Florida EMS

Eubanks joined the army in 2003. His Army medic training at Fort Sam Houston, in Austin, Texas, was soon completed, and by the end of the year he was assigned to 1-6 artillery out of Bamberg, Germany. Through a transition to an infantry style unit, a deployment to Iraq, and 12 months’ service as a platoon medic, Eubanks recognized his passion for emergency medical care.

Eubanks returned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where he finished his four-year enlistment. Before his departure from Maryland, however, he enlisted in the Army Reserve.

During his six years in the reserve Eubanks was a building block in part of a mass casualty decontamination unit under Homeland Defense, something the Army hadn’t done in the past. “It was the first time a unit like our had been integrated into that type of operation. We were guinea pigs,” said Eubanks.

Simultaneously, Eubanks was attending paramedic school. He obtained his paramedic certification in the state of Florida in 2008.

After three years with Rural/Metro in Orlando, Florida, Eubanks transitioned to Sumter County in 2011, where he has been working to better the lives of his patients and fellow first responders since.

A Leader in the Union and EMS Community

Eubanks assisted in the organization of a union within Sumter County. It was quickly recognized that Eubanks played a vital role in union leadership, and he was voted Local Vice President by his EMS brothers and sisters, a role he served for three years before moving onto Local President in 2017.

“Stew is a proven leader. He was handed a local that was left in dismay and has turned it around,” said National Representative Michael Marasco. Eubanks has lead his fellow members through successful job actions and contract negotiations in Sumter County. “He is a strong local leader, a caring mentor, and all around someone to look up to,” said Marasco, “Stew is a character, and can sit and talk to his fellow union members about anything from workplace events to life guidance and support.”

Community Outreach

The list of community projects and charitable programs that Eubanks is involved with grows each year. “I have made it my mission to involve Local 92 in some type of community outreach every year,” said Eubanks.
Each October, EMS professionals of Local R5-092 raise funds for a donation to the Compassionate Hands and Hearts of Central Florida, a breast cancer outreach group. The local sells t-shirts and gives 100% of proceeds to the organization. Last year the local delivered a donation of $1,900 to the non-profit.

The Sumter County local has also taken part in community outreach during the holiday season, delivering fully cooked Thanksgiving dinners to community members in need.

This year, Eubanks is also organizing a fundraising campaign for first responder suicide awareness. You can purchase a t-shirt and donate by clicking here. T-shirt sale profits will raise funds to support the Code Green Campaign, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Thank you, Local President Eubanks, for all that you do for your patients, union, EMS family, and community. The IAEP is honored to name you our 2018 Member of the Year!

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National Representative Michael Marasco (right) presents Local President Stewart Eubanks (left) with the 2018 IAEP Member of the Year Award. Local President Stewart Eubanks with his partner, Tyler "Davey" Niehoff, EMT.

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