Jun 12, 2015

2015 NAGE Scholarship Winners Announced!

NAGE is proud to present the 12th annual NAGE scholarships to help members and families with their dream for higher education. Awarding over $300,000 to students all over the country, NAGE has helped more than 500 students with their finances.

These scholarships have been awarded to members of NAGE, IBPO, IBCO, and IAEP and their spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or significant others. The applicants that were picked were planning to attend or are already attending a two-or four-year college, trade or technical school to be eligible. Fifty names were drawn (without any regard to sex, religion, race, or anything else involving the capability of the student) in order to pick the winners. This year we’ve counted another 50 students who won these scholarships.

Once again, NAGE is proud of each and every one of the applicants who applied and encourage more people to apply. We look forward to helping young students achieve higher education. Please see the list of winners below.
Miranda Anzalone Local 5000
Brandon Avila Local 207
Danielle Batiste R4 - 17
Kayla Bean Local 219
Simone Blake Local 239872
Abbigail Bolduc  
Darius BooDooSingh Local 207
Sydnee Bruce Unit 6
Stonleigh Caswell Unit 3
Dylan Comeford Local 282
Brian DaRosa Local 292
Leah Dawley Local 207
Parker Done Local 292
Taylor Doyle Local 298
Ryan J. Early Local 5000
Joshua Englaish  
Gary Fears Local 207
Jacob Ferreira FUSE
Jesie Fu Local 207
Nikolas Gallacher R1-203
Laura Gessner  
Luke Giangregorio Local 207
David Gillis Local 292
Michael Gochakowski Local 168
Jared Golant R3-19
Travis Golsing IAEP 12-707
Lilian Gonzalez Local 282
Sean Hoey Local 282
Karina House Local 282
Stephanie Ivers BU - 6
Jess Levenson R1-008
Joseph Marino Local 207
Samantha Martin Local 229
Kathleen McLaughlin IBCO 298
Erin McLaughlin Local 207
Lauren O'Callaghan Local 282
Adelle Paquette Local 207
Ageena Peterson State -103
Joseph Piemonte IBPO 364
Jonathan Placido State - 01-291
Georgia Roberts Unit 6
Adam Rose IBPO 486
Emily Sevigne State 374
Austin Smith Unit 6
Mary Szkolka State 282
Michelle Thibeault EMS R1-144
Rachel Trickett EMS 12-050
Lydia Waite Unit 6
James Walton Unit 6
Leslie Ward Local 308
Carly Zona Local 5000

We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few; but we can't have both. - Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis
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