Mar 09, 2018

Working People's Day of Action in DC

On February 26, 2018, NAGE members and staff joined thousands of workers in front of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., and the Boston Firehouse, in Boston, MA, to rally for workers’ rights. These rallies were just two of many “Working People’s Day of Action” events held across the country in response to Supreme Court hearing oral arguments for Janus v. AFSCME Council 33.

The Janus case directly attacks workers across the country and the unions that represent them. The rally featured many speakers from a multitude of backgrounds. As the crowd chanted “Workers united, we’ll never be defeated!” and “Unrig the system!” union members, labor leaders, and supporters of the labor movement had many powerful statements to make:

It is essential that the Court not overturn a decision that has helped workers for decades. This is outrageous! Workers must stand together,” stated Harvey Cannon, President, NAGE Local R3-05, while rallying with his union brothers and sisters outside the Supreme Court.

The power that we have to come together in strong unions is being chipped away by billionaires and the politicians that do their bidding.” - Corey Upchurch, AFSCME 1959

"When unions are strong communities are strong," - Peter MacKinnon SEIU Local 509 Marlborough, Massachussetts. 

Never did I think I would help lead a movement that has helped raise wages for 22 million workers... How do we do it? By workers coming together with strength in numbers” - Terrence Wise, Fight For $15

Our numbers show that women represented by public sector unions are paid 15% more.“When unions are weakened all working people lose.” - Fatima Goss Graves, President of National Women’s Law Center

We are here to send one clear message, working people will win! An attack on unions is an attack on the working class.” - Hector Sanchez, Exec Director Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

NAGE will continue keep its members updated as a Decision is expected between April and June 2018.

View photos and videos from the event HERE. A full transcript of the Oral Arguments heard in the SCOTUS on Monday, 2/26 is available HERE.  

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