Nov 19, 2015

National Council Praises NAGE Local R1-195 PDI Success Story

NAGE Local R1-195 was in Washington, DC on Wednesday  to give a presentation to the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations highlighting the agency’s and union’s successful pre-decisional involvement (PDI) practices.

 “We at Volpe are problem solvers and that helps us handle pre-decisional involvement well.” President Herbert said while presenting to an audience which included NAGE National President David J. Holway, OPM Director Beth Cobert, and a myriad of other executive level agency directors, union leadership, and press.

Local R1-195 is organized at the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, MA. Part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Volpe is a unique federal agency that is 100 percent funded by sponsor projects. Volpe partners with public and private organizations to assess the needs of the transportation community, evaluate research and development endeavors, deploy state-of-the-art transportation technologies, and inform decision- and policy-making through comprehensive analyses.

“Volpe’s organization allows it to have the flexibility and responsiveness of a consultant. We are a trusted, objective advisor focused on safety and the public good,” President Herbert stated.

Home to renowned multidisciplinary expertise in all modes of transportation, Volpe employs over 570 people, and almost half of those have advanced degrees in their field.

According to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, Volpe employee’s global satisfaction and employee engagement scores were markedly higher than the overall federal workforce. President Herbert cited Volpe’s culture of frequent and open communication as an explanation. The agency has two standing labor-management committees, bi-weekly labor-management meetings, monthly union meetings, regular noontime exchanges between the Director and staff, and a widespread open door policy that encourages early engagement and input.

“Volpe’s success story is NAGE’s success story,” Ms. Connors, Volpe’s Director of Human Resources said in closing.

The Council was created through executive order by President Obama in 2009 and has been renewed twice since then. (Learn more about the Council)
A copy of the presentation can be found here.

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